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One Against All

Interactive Installation, 2014

One Against All is an interactive installation that consists of three parts: a trapping space for a human subject; a machine-like structure as protective cage defining the territory and blocking outsiders; a projection from the ceiling showing a real time visualization of the environmental changes around the structure. The inner trapping space not only can contain a person, but also has been equipped with distance sensors and high wattage speakers, in order that different levels of noise based on the proximity of surrounding objects can be generated as alarm. The closer the audience choose to stay at the installation, the louder noise it will produce which may force them to step away due to the high decibels. The human subject, sitting inside the structure and staying closely to the speaker, will necessarily have to suffer and bear the loud noise caused by others. A violent mutual relationship is created between the two different territories.

Concept of War Machine

Beauty resides in the creation of liberty. It is a scalar of the level of liberty that one can achieve, and the level of morality one may have. What is beautiful must be strong, vivid, and brimming with energy. What is free and moral must be beautiful. Being tribeless, lawless, heartless does not stop one from being exposed to beauty, as liberty promises a justifiable beautiful action for a man. To renounce liberty is to renounce being a man. It is also to renounce the possibility of being attached and embraced by the ether of aesthetics.

Man is born free and he is everywhere in chains. It is, however, eternally impossible for us to be free. We live, we die, we think. We are not immortals. The democratic state is a creation of nature, and we are by nature a political slave. The laws and institutions of "formal democracy" oppress the happening of beauty, and man living in this endlessly expanding social machine has no choice but to be enslaved and expelled from the kingdom of truth, beauty, and justice.

Now, I am launching my war machine. Unaware of loss, nor aware of gain, I am here to declare a war against all.


Medium, Process & Tools

Main Structure: wood, metals, fabrics, films

Electronics: sonar sensors, speaker, arduino board

Software: Max/MSP

Photo Documentation
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All Images Copyright © Mengyu Chen | Media Art, Design, Technology

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