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Human Resort

Video Installation, 2014

Human Resort is a video installation showing the artist’s past living traces inside a bunker structure. The audience can peak into the bunker and see the remnant of its interior space, and watch a video of a private performance by the artist from a screen outside the structure to observe the two different states of this former residency space.

Object Collections

Wooden sticks x 10

Gas stove x 1

Candle stand x 1

Fabrics x 1

Fan x 1

Ballistic missile shell x 1

Heater x 1

Book x 3

Water x 1

News about Mishima Yukio x 9

Ear plug x 1



Performance Duration = duration of viewer stay + duration of existing video tape

Video Content:

Photo Documentation
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All Images Copyright © Mengyu Chen | Media Art, Design, Technology

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