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Machine of Silence

Interactive Objects, 2015

Machine of Silence is a collection of sculptural objects that are connected with each other by the artist to create an isolated individual space inside the giant machine. These objects, shaped in between functionality and functionlessness, are either crafted or selected by the artist to evoke a reading of the “presence of a system” in order that the machine could become a target of collective power and consumption. All the parts of the machine are allowed to be touched, moved, abused, and eventually faded and destroyed. By entering the machine or leaving the fingerprint on the contract provided, the audience agrees to be captured by the live stream surveillance camera and have the artist’s liability released. All the fingerprinted contracts are collected inside the box on top of receptive table, and later they become the artist’s own assets as a symbol of exchange of right. However, this step in fact is not required for the audience before they enter the machine. No sign or instruction or any type of monitor were present in the whole installation. The audience were given full right to explore these objects by their own wills. In this way, a choice-based behavioral relation can be observed. 

Object Collections

Reception desk x 1

Media streaming monument x 1

Contracts x 200

Machine x 1

Fountain x 1

Puzzle gears x 3 

Boots x 1 

Water glass x 1

Ink x 1 

Plexi box x 1 

Sandbag x 1 


Process and Tools

Furniture fabrication, Heat-proof inhabitable architecture, Live stream video

Photo Documentation
Other Projects

All Images Copyright © Mengyu Chen | Media Art, Design, Technology

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