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Interactive Objects, 2014

PEACEMAKER is a sculptural installation composed of a set of interactive objects simulating a living organism. Removed of any environmental input, these objects are modified to interact only with each other, not with the audience. All parts of the objects are individually designed and built to challenge viewers’ expectation on their functionality, while the whole system keeps rejecting the viewers through its dysfunctional mechanism. A screen embedded in the sculpture serves as the only communicative port in which a text-based video loop reminds the audience of the necessity to remain silent. In this way, it aims to promote an intellectual relation with the audience, and meanwhile from a third person’s perspective to objectify them.

Interactive Mechanism

A TV continuously playbacks a video loop that tells the audience to shut up.

A wooden wheel that absorbs a person's mind into its porcelain sink

A little standing book shelf warns the audience not to trap on the rubber hoses

A fully painted and decorated box that is empty inside.

A motor mounted with PLA 3D printed gears that is out of service


Creataive & Technical Details

Fabrication: Wood Carpentry, Structural Design, 3D Printing

 Electronics: Motor Control, Wiring

Analog Video Mixing

Photo Documentation
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All Images Copyright © Mengyu Chen | Media Art, Design, Technology

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