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Fukushima! Fukushima!

VR Storytelling, 2017

Fukushima! Fukushima! is a virtual reality worldmaking project that explores the post-modern condition of human habitation and technological catastrophe. Based on my personal experience and photography work at the 10km nuclear evacuation area in Minami-Soma of Fukushima Prefecture in 2012, I created a semi-fictional VR world while using real-life data set from the disaster site. The world is based upon a realistic simulation of an abandoned territory destroyed by tsunami and earthquake, and 5 individual imaginative sub-worlds of different themes were created in parallel with the main world. Audience can travel through these worlds linked by portals of different kinds, interact and explore the hidden stories around Fukushima nuclear disaster. During this interactive and immersive discovering process, a unique narrative is formulated and unfolded while one’s personal experience is connected with the volatile apparition of such a virtual, distant but real world.

Key Features

  • VR narrative multi-verse on humanity and technological catastrophe

  • Nonlinear story-telling method unfolds the world based on user interaction with the environment and objects

  • Recreation of photographs into 3D immersive and interactive space

  • Envrionmental and geographical data mapping and visuliazation in VR

  • Journalistic research on radioactivity and related social issues around local community

  • Visual and audio retrace of personal memory and collective trauma


Creative & Technical Details

Experience Duration: 6 minutes | Open World

Development Platform: PC, HTC Vive

Software: Unity, Maya, 3Ds Max, Substance, Ableton Live

Scripting Language: C#, C++ / HLSL

Video Trailer


Photo Documentation

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All Images Copyright © Mengyu Chen | Media Art, Design, Technology

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