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Social VR Collaboration, 2018

Collaborative project at transLAB, artists participated: Alexis Crawshaw, Cindy Kang, Ehsan Sayyad, Enrica Costello, Gustavo Rincon, Jing Yan, Tim Wood, Weidi Zhang, Yin Yu, Zhenyu Yang, Nathan Weitzner, Anshul Pendse. This project was a collaborative social VR world developed at transLAB for which I was the lead developer and artist. The main world of Future Tripping is built upon a shared territory where all other 12 artists were contributing creative materials including 3D sculptural objects, spatialized audios, generative particles, interactive and autonomous virtual robots. Portals to other four individual VR space were also made and interconnected that users can travel between them and meet other users at different spaces.

Social VR Platform

For this particular project, I developed a social VR infrastructure in Unity that allows users to meet each other online in the headset, and enter different rooms / spaces. The users were rendered in the headset with avatars and bodies that they can easily greet and communicate with others via voice and gestures.


Demo and Exhibitions

Thanks to HTC VIVE's support, this project was shown at the MAT End of Year Show 2018 with 10 HTC Vive headsets running at the same time, allowing the general public to enter this virtual world and meet each other.


Photo Documentation

Other Projects

All Images Copyright © Mengyu Chen | Media Art, Design, Technology

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