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Virtual Narrative, 2013

Simulacra is an experimental video composed out of imagery from both real and fictional spaces. Half of the video was recorded in a virtual fictional world that is created by Cry Engine, while the other half was all kinds of imagery about nuclear power plant around the world, such as Fukushima and Chernobyl. It challenges the conventional notion of image representation and questions about the truthfulness that we see in the digital realm.


The capacities of things are illimitable; time never stops; man's lot is ever changing; the end and the beginning of things never occur twice in the same way. Therefore men of great wisdom, looking at things far off or near at hand, do not think them insignificant for being small, nor much of them for being great: knowing how capacities differ illimitably. They appeal with intelligence to things of ancient and recent occurrence, without being troubled by the remoteness of the former, or standing on tiptoe to lay hold of the latter: knowing that time never stops in its course. They examine with discrimination of fulness and of want, not overjoyed by success, nor disheartened by failure: knowing the inconstancy of man's lot. They know the plain and quiet path, therefore they are not overjoyed to live, nor count it a calamity to die: the end and the beginning of things never occurring twice in the same way. We must reckon that what men know is not so much as what they do not know, and that the time since they were born is not so long as that which elapsed before they were born. When they take that which is most small and try to fill with it the dimensions of what is most great, this leads to error and confusion, and they cannot attain their end. Looking at the subject in this way, how can you know that the point of a hair is sufficient to determine the minuteness of what is most small, or that heaven and earth are sufficient to complete the dimensions of what is most large?

by Zhuang Zi


Creative & Technical Details

CryEngine 3, Final Cut Pro, Ableton Live 9




Photo Documentation

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All Images Copyright © Mengyu Chen | Media Art, Design, Technology

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