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Collaboration with Jing Yan, Miao Jing, AR Mobile App, 2022

SoFunVerse (former app name - Aura! Aura!) is a mobile AR art experience. It provides the user a new way of experiencing and interacting with digital artworks from anywhere and anytime. You can use the app to: 1) collect and take home virtual characters and fantasy creatures by scanning artworks at museum exhibitions and shows we have collaboration with, 2) place your collected creatures and characters in your physical environment, 3) draw organic and animated shapes around your placement, 4) take photos and share with your friends! 


SoFunVerse is a collaborative project by EyeDream Interactive (an art &  tech studio by Jing Yan and Mengyu Chen) with visual artist Miao Jing on the Project "Zhen Qu Palace"(真趣园) initiated in 2020. We selected the key characters and objects from the film of the same title and remixed them into dynamic AR sceneries,  which now have evolved into a series of collectible virtual characters and fantasy creatures. We hope that people can enjoy this fantasy trip in the real world and have a closer relationship with these artworks through AR.


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All Images Copyright © Mengyu Chen | Media Art, Design, Technology

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